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Get The Adwords API!

By shanesnow
Published on July 14, 2008

API stands for “Application Programming Interface,” which in normal-people-terms means “A way for you to tap into a program from your own program.” Using APIs, programmers are able to create a variety of desktop applications, website tools, and widgets that interact with various services, such as Google Adwords.

So why should you get the Adwords API? A variety of great applications will continue to emerge, taking advantage of the API in order to deliver time-saving tools. It’s a good idea to already have access to the API for when something useful comes along. It takes several weeks for Google to review your application and grant you access, so you might as well sign up now before you get left behind.

Additionally, semvironment is currently developing a REALLY COOL TOOL that uses the Adwords API, and you won’t want to be four to six weeks behind (waiting for your Google approval) when it comes out! This tool will be free to those who have their own API access, and it will cost a monthly fee to those who wish to use our API.

In order to use the Adwords API, you need to get your own developer token and application token. Also, you need to be aware that the Adwords API charges a minute fee of $0.25 per 1,000 actions. To sign up for the Adwords API, follow the steps below:

Start by visiting:

You’ll need a Client Center or regular Adwords login. Once you log in, you’ll get this screen, which prompts you for your budget information. As mentioned, the API costs $0.25 per 1,000 actions, although there are ways to reduce this cost so that it’s free.

After you hit continue, if you don’t have a Client Center account, you will be prompted to create one:

Finally, you’ll be logged into your My Client Center. Click on the tab labeled “My Account” and then “Adwords API Center.” You’ll need to update your billing preferences, as shown (if they’re not up-to-date), and then you’ll just need to wait for your developer information to be reviewed. After that, voila! You have API access!

For more information on the Adwords API, visit the official AdWords API Blog.

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