Find and Hire People Who Care About Real Conversions

By jameszol
Published on November 20, 2007

Marketers can identify a specific page as a conversion page – and there can be several conversions for a company…but which conversion is the mac-daddy of all conversions for your business?

Is it a sale? a lead? a sale after the “sale”?

Where and when do you make your money?

We assume that for most businesses a real conversion is one where money exchanges hands in some sort of profitable transaction that benefits both parties – the provider and the recipient.

Employees, independent contractors, leadership, vendors, suppliers, and others have a unique definition for what a real conversion is to them. For some employees and vendors, the real conversion might be serving their own best interests – a paycheck or fee.

There is an inherent challenge then, to find people who won’t necessarily sacrifice their own best interests for the business’ best interests; but, they will align or slightly bench their immediate interests while they are striving to help a group obtain real conversions by performing their given function with dedication and exactness. The return for their investment IS their individual ‘real conversion’.

How do you find and hire people who care about real conversions?

Here are a few ways I try to find and hire the right people:

1. Networking. I let my friends, family, and employees know exactly who I’m looking for and put them on the lookout for any of their contacts that might be a good fit in our company. I personally prefer to find people this way because expectations are set and they have somebody to lean on while they work through a learning curve.

2. Be strict about your hiring criteria. I write down the specific duties and expectations I have for a prospective employee/vendor. If they do not meet our needs, I tell them so and we both move on – even if it takes months to find the right person for the job.

3. My favorite question to ask is this: How are you different from your competitors? This question only works when you are going to compare two or more people/companies. You will probably find that most people/companies answer the question the exact same way – so they do NOT stand apart from the others. The real gems, the people who really know about themselves and the value they can bring to the table will answer in a unique way…and those are the people you should probably consider hiring!

Finding and hiring the people who care about real conversions can take time – It is almost always worth the wait, especially in the SEO/PPC markets!

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