Error: Your keyword maximum CPC bid is too high. Please lower your bid.

By jameszol
Published on November 6, 2007

I got this error today in AdWords Editor (click the image to enlarge in a new window):

What?!?! The Max CPC bid is only $6! I received this error a looong time ago when I figured out the max allowable CPC (in general) is $100 (or was $100 at the time) and I was trying to bid $101 – so why did it stop me at $6?

I chatted with an AdWords rep at Google and they looked at the above image too and had no solution – they did ask if the bid was higher than the daily budget which I had already considered. The daily budget was $50.

Needless to say, I lowered the bid to $5.99/click and got the same error. I was in a hurry so I lowered the bid to $4 and it updated just fine.

Does anybody know what this error could have been attributed to? I looked through AdWords Help, AdWords Google Group, and WebmasterWorld to no avail…I think it might have been a fluke error that I won’t be able to replicate again.

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