Define and Record Your Sales Processes

By jameszol
Published on November 5, 2007

One of our takeaways from the advisor meeting we had at the end of October was to simply record and define our business processes – not only the normal processes, we needed to record our successes and failures as they relate to SALES.

Sales is a process that can be proprietary, especially if you sell high ticket items. The way you get to the decision maker, the techniques you use to help the decision maker look good, feel good, and ultimately purchase from you versus your competitors is going to be different every time. When you start recording your successes and failures, you begin to see a pattern that will be unique to your company and your business processes as a whole – it will be a company secret and an asset to your organization.

One way to ensure more successes than failures is to hire an excellent salesperson that has a lot of experience – not so much in your field, but with the decision makers you are trying to target. semvironment will want to bring in an enterprise sales expert at some point in the near future to consult with us on what to do, say, and record when entering a sales funnel or process with future clients. This expert can help navigate or understand what their concerns are, which hurdles we should jump through and which negotiation tactics we should use.

Ultimately, every business has to be a sales business so it is very important to define and record your sales processes.

How This Relates To Pay Per Click Advertising

The web sales process is unique compared to a face to face sale. People behave differently on the web, they search for different terms, and their overall attitude is typically not what it would be in person.

When you are testing a sales funnel, or a click funnel, it is important to record every move you make because a single word can make a difference.

Ads and keywords can have different buying behaviors attached to them – this is where hiring an expert might make sense! You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on pay per click advertising to “find” the keywords that could potentially convert into sales – you want to start out ahead of the game. Hire an expert that understands or can build a good understanding of the psychology of your market, which terms they are searching for, which ones would be more likely to turn into a transaction, etc.

If your expert is really good, they will not only offer to help with your pay per click ads – they will also offer to help with your website sales process. Is your website conducive to selling or does it just look pretty?

It is important to define and record your WEB sales process because that can be a secret weapon that will put a barrier between you and your competitors – even if that barrier is simply outsourcing this function to the experts!

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