Dare To Face Oncoming Traffic Head On

By jameszol
Published on December 27, 2007

I am rarely an impatient driver but I will occasionally tailgate a slow driver, honk and wave a finger at reckless drivers, etc.

Last night, on my way home, a minivan flew up behind me – it almost rear ended my car – on slick, snow/ice covered roads and decided to tailgate me for several miles when they could clearly pass me because Idaho doesn’t have very much traffic. I hated them tailgating me so I would slow down to 20 mph just to slow them down…then I would speed up. :) It was fun!

That incident started a meandering thought that turned into something of an analogy that I wanted to quickly share today.

Sometimes we are the minivan and the little car is our competitor. We rush to get links and be an authority on a subject only to be slowed down by our competitors…the easiest way to get ahead is to simply go around the competitor instead of through them or over them.

Differentiate yourself. To REALLY get noticed by oncoming traffic you have to face it head on.

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