CTR Record Set!

By shanesnow
Published on September 3, 2008

Holy crap! I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of weeks and I just found out that PPC Whiz has broken the record for best click thru rate ever!  At a rate of 92,233,720,369,547,776.00%, he has challenged anyone to beat his CTR, and he says he’s got $50 to give if it gets beat.

Unluckily for PPC Whiz, while I was moving everything I own to Honolulu (although it’s not actually that much!), ads on my business printing website were running, and one of my ads got the following CTR:

Coincidentally, this CTR is .01% greater than PPC Whiz’s, meaning that I now have set the record! I can’t wait to spend my $50! You can pay me via paypal or personal check…

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5 Responses to “CTR Record Set!”

  1. jameszol says:

    lol – the 1 looks a bit out of place…I’d say this new record is *shopped*. ;)

  2. PPC Whiz (2 comments.) says:

    WHAT! Come on, I didn’t think it was possible! My entire world view and foundation has been shook. Well… I know when I’m beat – where do I send the cheque? Do you take Canadian?

  3. AoD says:

    actually, your rate is 999,999.99% less…
    check your numbers again… way to *shop*
    anyways, ppcwhiz, you can send that check my way for catching that error… ;)

  4. jameszol says:

    Hehe…actually, it isn’t a *shop* error…it’s a typo in the first paragraph. :) The typo is on Adam’s blog too while the images are correct. lol!

    I’ll leave the typo because that was a nice catch. :)

  5. PPC Whiz (2 comments.) says:

    How about some drinks on me in Vegas at Pubcon… who’s going?

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