Content Network Gets A Few Upgrades

By shanesnow
Published on August 7, 2008

Google announced today (at 5:00 AM!) that it will be adding some enhancements to its content network of websites that serve advertisements. Since the acquisition of the DoubleClick ad network in March this year, Google has been working to offer a better experience for users and a more profitable/targeted experience for publishers and advertisers. The changes that Google will be adding in the next couple of months will help it to achieve that goal:

“These enhancements are the latest result of our integration with DoubleClick and our commitment to making advertising on the Google content network more efficient and accountable. When we purchased DoubleClick, we talked about how we would empower agencies, advertisers and publishers to collaborate more efficiently and effectively, and provide a better experience for our users.”

The following are the announced enhancements according to Google:

  • Frequency Capping: Advertisers can set how many impressions their ad can have per viewer. This way people don’t get served the same ad over and over again, and advertisers can avoid the negative effects of overexposure or poor quality impressions. (I wish that Myspace would do this. Some of their perennial ads are very annoying.)
  • Frequency Reporting: An enhanced reporting feature that allows advertisers to study the frequency in which people are seeing their ads.
  • Improved Ads Quality: How they will do this is yet to be discussed. But hopefully it will increase relevance and ultimately ad revenue.
  • View-Through Conversions: This will allow advertisers to determine the best locations for their ads being served on the content network.

Google is going to use cookies to implement these changes, which means that publishers won’t have to change anything. The improvements will automatically show up as Google updates its program.

What does this mean for PPC management? Hopefully conversions and conversion rates will increase as the content network becomes more powerful and a better quality source of paid traffic. Also, PPC managers will have more effective tools to use with analyzing and reporting results from content campaigns.

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