Complaints, Updates, And Delays

by jameszol Mar 28, 2008  08:03 AM  - (0 comments)

Sounds like a very negative post! :)

This week we saw a few awesome opportunities come our way while at the same time we had a ton of DNS/hosting issues that delayed blogging and posting our much anticipated NUDE series post…

Today you will see a massive roundup for the past week or two and two bios of our newest VPs of Ecommerce.

The NUDE series post WILL be published Monday evening/early Tuesday morning of this next week - it was supposed to be published on Wednesday this week but our website was not working properly while we were switching hosts/DNS. It was a nightmare

Please accept our sincerest apologies for these delays - I expect to be back up and running with normal blog posts, roundups, and more next week.

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