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semvironment's Analytical Approach To Paid Search Marketing

semvironment is a search engine marketing (SEM) company that specializes in holistic, full service, cutting edge PPC Management. semvironment works with Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other paid search platforms. Partnering with Omniture SiteCatalyst and SearchCenter, semvironment will provide you with a personal, qualified team that uses the latest technology and best practices in analytic website analysis and testing with one goal: Conversions Up and Cost Per Conversion Down!

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Why should you hire semvironment?

We are a full service, boutique PPC management company. With you as our client, our primary goal is to tailor your user’s experience from the search query to the click to the final transaction. We step into a consultative role regarding your website, website design, tests, etc. This improves your organic traffic too - helping all visitors convert more frequently, thereby improving your web business overall.

semvironment services are not for every business - our work is highly customized and we follow a rigorous, value added process that ensures long-term success for your business. For that reason, we specialize in managing clients with large advertising budgets and the determination to achieve the maximum return on their long-term investment.

The semvironment PPC Management Solution

The semvironment PPC Management Solution is holistic. There are four parts to our solution: Study, Develop, Launch, and Improve.


You could call this a Discovery stage. We identify and study your audience, competitors, your industry and your current advertisements, landing pages, analytics, tactics and strategy. Armed with the knowledge that we gain from this stage, we dive into the next ppc management stage: Develop.


The development stage is a creative stage. We organize or reorganize your PPC accounts, design unique landing pages for testing, write new advertisements, install analytics and tracking codes, and more. After development, we move right in to Launching your PPC campaigns.


All of our development gets a rigorous test at launch time. We activate your new advertisements, landing pages and campaigns.


semvironment frequently measures results and makes routine improvements to the account. We also rigorously test and modify advertisements and landing pages - always striving for the highest possible conversion volume. The improvement stage never ends. semvironment has developed a culture of testing that ensures we are in a constant state of improvement.

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