Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!!

You can expect to see more out of semvironment in the near future – we have been swamped with work and we have a whole bunch to share. :)

We’ll see you next year!… Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!.

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The people at Google never seemed to be the bragging types. However, they must have been too excited not to boast, when they recently declared that they had sorted 1 Terabyte of data in 68 seconds.

A Terabyte (TB) is 1,000,000,000,000 bytes, or 8,000,000,000,000 binary data bits. If these numbers are too mind-boggling to really wrap your head around, think of it this way: if each bit was… Continue reading Google Sorts Gobs Of Data Really Fast, People Freak Out.

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A couple of weeks ago Google started placing AdWords ads on Google Finance, as was announced on the Adwords Blog. It was also announced that Google Images would be getting some ads as well. Search Engine Land reported today that Google Images is now testing text ads rather than banner ads.

Instead of a large banner ad at the top or bottom of Google Images

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The strategic partnerships and acquisitions don’t stop at Google Inc. The latest in the series are two TV ad partnerships that were announced today. Google says these partnerships “will make it easier for advertisers to manage their Google TV Ads media buys within their existing systems.”

The two partner companies and their benefits to Google advertisers are described by Google as follows:
COREMedia Systems is the leading provider… Continue reading Google Partners Up For TV Advertising.

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Well, actually Google itself didn’t, but if AdWords statistics are an indication, John McCain is the most-liked of Internet searchers.

Or maybe the most disliked…

Or just the most expensive as far as Cost Per Click!

We went into the AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool and pitted Senators Obama and McCain against each other in a paid search battle. We got the following results… Continue reading Google Predicts US Presidential Election Winner!.

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  • Rand has been rewriting the SEOmoz Beginner’s Guide to SEO and it is probably the best SEO guide for beginners everywhere…I finally decided to bookmark it!
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  • Great article on what to expect in ’08 and why marketers should increase their paid search budgets instead of less.
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