Last week we wrote about the new PPC platform that Myspace came out with, called “Find Your Fans.” This program allows music artists to place banner ads (either their own or from Myspace-provided templates) on the profiles and pages where their defined target audience are likely to be browsing. Advertising musicians pay $0.25 per click.

“Find Your Fans” requires a review and approval from Myspace… Continue reading An Inside Look at Myspace's New PPC Program.

Published Jul 18, 2008  09:07 AM | (1 comments)

On June 30, Myspace Tom sent out a mass email to member musicians concerning the new Myspace pay per click ad sales program beta

The program, called “Find Your Fans,” allows artists to pay for ad space on the most popular social network in the US.

Advertising musicians can choose where ads will be shown, displaying their… Continue reading Myspace Launches PPC Platform for Musicians.

Published Jul 10, 2008  09:07 AM | (2 comments)

I feel like I never Stumble enough but I finally hit 1000 sites that I like! I rarely give a thumbs down unless I really really don’t like a site…and I probably stumble 5 times for every 1 thumbs up I give…so that means I viewed/read/looked at 5000+ pages via StumbleUpon over the past year!

I truthfully feel like I learned… Continue reading Hooray! I Like 1000 Sites On StumbleUpon.

Published Feb 05, 2008  04:02 PM | (2 comments)

PPC Pro People already hosts an audience of almost 500 individuals and we’re honored to be a daily roundup provider to the group. Continue reading Facebook Group - PPC Pro People.

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