Update: Barry Schwartz over at SER notes that there was a sphinn 5 days ago on the very same subject. :) Barry also noted his updates on the subject in 2006 and in September of 2008. I definitely try to stay on topic with ppc here at semvironment, sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me though. Thanks to all who pinged and commented with very… Continue reading More Description Lines Showing Up In Organic Results?.

Published Jan 13, 2009  09:01 PM | (5 comments)

Last month on the SEOMoz blog, Rand talked about the disconnect between PPC and SEO spending, along with about 100 commentators, including semvironment’s CEO, James Zolman.

In his post, Rand poses the question: Why does paid search earn so many more marketing dollars than search engine optimization when organic results get more traffic than PPC ads?

In this post, we’d like to respond to this issue as well… Continue reading I'll Take A $5 Footlong - Half SEO and Half PPC Please.

Published Nov 14, 2008  01:11 PM | (4 comments)

Ok – these are my raw notes…I’ll re-decipher them later. This was an awesome session!

Roger Monti (spelling?)

dot edu link hunting

.edu is probably the most white hat link you can get

focus on natural citations

Check what the industry heavyweight backlinks are in your niche

Charitable opportunities

Fact vs Myth

Not a magic bullet, not necessarily better than other links… Continue reading SMX Advanced: Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques.

Published Jun 03, 2008  12:06 PM | (2 comments)

Aaron Wall, the guru behind SEO’s SEO Training Course and SEO Tools, posted a blog post a few weeks ago about guest posting for a number of his readers. We were one of the lucky ones that he responded to with an in depth PPC interview. He was very complimentary and we’re excited to share his answers… Continue reading Interview: Aaron Wall (SEO On Pay Per Click Advertising.

Published Apr 07, 2008  08:04 AM | (1 comments)

You know search marketing is main stream when somebody starts rapping about it… :)

I noticed this post on Sphinn and thought I would post all of Chuck’s(?) YouTube vids here that have to do with basic paid search and optimization…these are awesome. Chuck works at Pop Labs by day and it looks like he is partners in a music production company by night.

Here… Continue reading Awesome Rap Tutorials For Basic Paid Search And Optimization.

Published Feb 11, 2008  07:02 AM | (0 comments)

How to use a firefox add-on to analyze and steal your competitor’s link building strategy. Continue reading Steal Your Competitor's Link Building Strategies In 3...2...1....

Published Dec 26, 2007  04:12 PM | (6 comments)

Aaron Wall says that many webmasters only work on one site, which gives them few points to triangulate against to understand how search engines change… Continue reading Experience Gives You Perspective.

Published Dec 13, 2007  07:12 AM | (0 comments)

The individuals behind 97th Floor are awesome contributors to the SEO and social media communities. Check out one of their famous tools – the social media for Firefox extension. Continue reading Introducing 97th Floor - A Great SEO Firm.

Published Dec 11, 2007  09:12 PM | (1 comments)

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