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Why This Firefox Addon Rocks!

This toolbar will display today’s basic key performance indicators at the bottom of your browser.

Double Click this toolbar for your stats to update – it may take 60 seconds… Continue reading PPC Management for Firefox (beta).

Published Sep 29, 2008  09:09 AM | (25 comments)

The semvironment PPC Management series will cover a variety of regular management activities in depth. This series will be posted every month or two. We chose Keyword List Expansion and Negative keywords as our first topic because of the recent quality score changes in Google. Refining and managing your keyword lists is going to be even more vital to your success than it has been previously.

We hope… Continue reading PPC Management: Keyword List Expansion + Negative Keywords.

Published Sep 16, 2008  07:09 AM | (2 comments)

A buddy just emailed me to say that his Google Analytics advanced filters were working again to expose the detailed search queries of AdWords visitors!

You can find detailed instructions on exposing your keyword data in this post:

PPC Management: AdWords Keyword Data Exposed With Google Analytics!

I looked into it and it looks like Google fixed their advanced filter problem (at least for these filters)… Continue reading Hooray! Detailed Keyword Data Is Available Again!!!!.

Published Mar 13, 2008  02:03 PM | (6 comments)

If you are using the new javascript code for Analytics, you should head over to ROI Revolution and download the latest exact keyword data tracking script so you… Continue reading UPDATE: ROI Revolution Updates AdWords/Analytics Exact Data Script.

Published Feb 15, 2008  07:02 AM | (0 comments)

The new way to expose the exact key term a user searches when they click on a paid search advertisement… Continue reading AdWords/Analytics Keyword Data Fix - Thanks Jeff!.

Published Feb 04, 2008  07:02 PM | (6 comments)

My natural inclination is to share. I like sharing information, personal stories, problems, news, tools, life, etc. It’s just who I am and I think that’s one… Continue reading Google, You SUCK and I WILL Find Another Way!.

Published Jan 25, 2008  01:01 PM | (16 comments)

Dynamic landing pages are awesome but user generated input can pose a security threat – this post outlines how to solve those threats. Continue reading John Tell's Us How To Take Care Of Security Issues from User Generated Input.

Published Jan 08, 2008  12:01 PM | (0 comments)

Without further ado, here is the fastest 4 step guide to making a dynamic landing page with PHP… Continue reading PPC Management: Create Dynamic Landing Pages In 15 Minutes Or Less.

Published Jan 07, 2008  08:01 AM | (36 comments)

A follow up post to our first NUDE series post – how to find conversion data with your newly exposed AdWords keywords! Continue reading Getting Conversion Data With Your New Analytics Profile.

Published Dec 26, 2007  03:12 PM | (5 comments)

You CAN expose your specific AdWords Keyword Data beyond the dreaded “other unique queries” in the AdWords Search Query Report with Google Analytics! Continue reading PPC Management: AdWords Keyword Data Exposed With Google Analytics!.

Published Dec 19, 2007  07:12 AM | (102 comments)

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