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Why This Firefox Addon Rocks!

This toolbar will display today’s basic key performance indicators at the bottom of your browser.

Double Click this toolbar for your stats to update – it may take 60 seconds… Continue reading PPC Management for Firefox (beta).

Published Sep 29, 2008  09:09 AM | (25 comments)

According to KeywordDiscovery, this phrase, “How many spiders does a person swallow in their sleep,” garners 14,912 searches per month. Nobody is advertising on this keyphrase, so initially one might get very excited about the possibilities.

But upon further analysis, this figure becomes very suspicious. Queries with related keywords like “How to kiss” and “Spider… Continue reading How Many Spiders Does A Person Swallow In Their Sleep?.

Published Jul 08, 2008  10:07 AM | (2 comments)

It is simply a visible indicator that can give you a vague idea of how relevant your keywords are. I guess there might be one catch – the Quality Score I… Continue reading Visible Quality Scores are Similar to TBPR!.

Published Jan 16, 2008  01:01 PM | (4 comments)

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