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Lately I have found myself getting less willing to share knowledge, insights and tricks in the ppc space or even some of the cool stuff I have learned in the SEO space…and to that end, I feel like I have chosen to hide underground for quite some time. This is clear by the amount I wrote last year…this year I would like… Continue reading The Code of the Underground Marketer.

Published Jan 07, 2010  02:01 PM | (1 comments)

where have you been

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since June…well, I guess I can believe it.

Here is a quick summary of what I have been up to:

1. Growing the affiliate marketing side of my personal income…and have been doing quite well with it. In fact, I have launched or am in the process of launching… Continue reading Where Have You Been?.

Published Sep 23, 2009  10:09 AM | (3 comments)

ninja writer and educatorI’m writing this post to formally announce my imminent and inevitable death. Or at least that’s what it feels like since I am officially leaving semvironment today. For the better part of two years I’ve been writing ads, designing and redesigning landing pages, and throwing Arby’s sandwiches across the office at James and the occasional intern. It’s… Continue reading Goodnight and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow.

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This year Matt Cutts, the guy at Google who makes sure spam doesn’t happen, said on his blog that he’s going to be RickAstley for Halloween this year (You know, that awesome 80s singer that shows up everywhere these days?). He says he’s going to be RickRolling everyone who comes within 10 feet of him this Halloween.

Well I happened to take a peek at James’s Halloween… Continue reading Don't Let Spam Get You Down On Halloween!.

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Holy crap! I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of weeks and I just found out that PPC Whiz has broken the record for best click thru rate ever!  At a rate of 92,233,720,369,547,776.00%, he has challenged anyone to beat his CTR, and he says he’s got $50 to give if it gets beat.

Unluckily for PPC Whiz, while I was moving everything I own to Honolulu… Continue reading CTR Record Set!.

Published Sep 03, 2008  03:09 PM | (5 comments)

Posting has been slow this week because a lot is happening right now:

Shane is moving to Hawaii to pursue a Master’s Degree in New Media. We’re going to run a satellite office for him from there. If you’re in Hawaii, we would love to chat with you – or if you want to come out on ‘business’, we would be happy to meet with you for a short… Continue reading Traveling From Coast to Coast.

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Introducing the Link Builder for Wordpress

The Link Builder simply tracks the websites and pages you link to and sends an email message to that website owner/administrator notifying them of your link.

Download the Link Builder for Wordpress here

Then watch this video (update: haha – if you turn up your… Continue reading Link Builder for Wordpress - Download it Now!!!.

Published Jul 21, 2008  11:07 AM | (8 comments)

The United States Justice Department has stepped in on the Google/Yahoo! ad deal, opening a formal antitrust investigation. According to the Washington Post, “Google and Yahoo officials have said since the deal’s announcement that they would delay its implementation for a voluntary Justice Department review.”

In essence, the deal that the two search engine giants have worked out is that when Yahoo! runs out of ads to serve… Continue reading Wishful PPC Thinking.

Published Jul 02, 2008  11:07 AM | (1 comments)

The past few weeks I have been pushing 90+ hour work weeks…and the only part that I’m bummed about is the lack of time spent with my family – who are very important to me so I will slow it down because family is, and always will be, an acceptable and enjoyable reason to take it easy. Take it easy means 50-60 hours a week instead of 90+ hours. :)Continue reading How Is Working 90+ Hours Each Week Inspiring?.

Published Apr 10, 2008  08:04 PM | (2 comments)

I hope you enjoy this brief intro to Shane – our new VP of E-commerce! You can expect to see some blog posts from him as he forges onward with our advertising experiments in E-commerce settings that we wouldn’t otherwise try with our clients. :)

Shane Snow received a bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing from Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Prior to joining semvironment… Continue reading Introducing Shane Snow - semvironment VP of E-commerce.

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