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I’ve only recently started exploring the power of mobile and search…specifically paid search – and noticed a cool tool in Google AdWords that I wanted to share!

While setting up a mobile campaign last night I thought “Wouldn’t it be great to see the mobile search volume for these keywords? I bet Google has a tool…let me go to AdWords Help and see.”

Kablam! Here was the

Published Feb 25, 2009  10:02 AM | (3 comments)

How To Differentiate Your Ad In A Competitive Space

As more advertisers are jumping on the paid search bandwagon every day, the ppc marketplace is becoming increasingly emulous. In competitive markets, more and more searches bring up pages full of nearly identical sponsored ads. Here’s an example of a Google search for house painting:

Published Dec 08, 2008  03:12 PM | (5 comments)

This is our first mini screen recording production. :)

We hope you enjoy it!

YouTube Preview Image

AdWords describes their quality score formula in a couple different places…my favorite sentences in these documents are:

“your account’s historical performance, and other relevance factors.”

There are a ton of ‘other’ factors…lol. :)

“Quality Score is a… Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #14 - See Your AdWords Quality Score.

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Sometimes click costs are cheaper in the early evening or at another time of the day so we will run a schedule that takes advantages of the times that cost… Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #13 - Ad Scheduling.

Published Jan 24, 2008  01:01 PM | (2 comments)

Site exclusion and domain blocking are the “negative keywords” of the content network. You might find that the content network can be very profitable if you exclude/block certain domains from showing your ads. Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #12 - Site Exclusion and Domain Blocking.

Published Jan 15, 2008  09:01 PM | (1 comments)

Learn how to implement Conversion Tracking in Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter… Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #11 - Conversion Tracking.

Published Jan 02, 2008  09:01 AM | (4 comments)

Find more transactional keywords to increase profitability. Use good keyword suggestion tools and follow these 7 steps to a growing your list of keywords. Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #10 - Finding Transactional Keywords.

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Learn how to use Google AdWords geo targeting to improve your click through rate and quality score. Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #9 - Google AdWords Geo Targeting Basics.

Published Nov 26, 2007  08:11 PM | (0 comments)

This is a fancy little trick that can drive click-through rates up and improve your quality score. Be careful with it though… Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #8 - Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

Published Nov 16, 2007  09:11 PM | (1 comments)

You have 3 to 7 seconds to capture the attention of your potential prospect and get them to click on your ad. You need to write great headlines! Continue reading Pay Per Click Advertising Tip #7 - Ad Headline Basics.

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