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We’re going to SMX West next week – and we’re speaking at a few awesome sessions!

Register to attend if you haven’t already, it’s going to be a blast!

The sessions we are speaking at:

Advanced Landing Page Strategies

Writing Killer PPC Ad Copy

Analyzing &

Published Feb 05, 2009  10:02 AM | (1 comments)

We apologize for the delay in blogging we have had over the past couple months. :)

Thank you loyal followers for sticking around – you will not be disappointed this year! Watch for some cool stuff coming up this month and throughout 2009.

Happy New Year to all of our readers and visitors!!… Continue reading Aaaand We're Back! :).

Published Jan 13, 2009  09:01 PM | (0 comments)

comScore, Inc. recently announced that online shopping is in decline for the first time in at least seven years. While online sales are only down 4% from this time last year, at a turbulent time in world economics, news of a downturn in online purchases may not come as a surprise to many.

“With consumer confidence low and disposable income tight, the first weeks of November have been very… Continue reading Study Shows Online Shoppers Spending Less This Season.

Published Nov 26, 2008  12:11 PM | (2 comments)

Google AdWords announced Tuesday that it has launched a new keyword tool which will help advertisers target more keywords that searchers could use to find their sites. This search-based tool starts at advertisers’ web pages and works backwards, identifying keywords and phrases that are frequently searched by Google users that may be relevant to the advertisers’ site. Advertisers may then add these keywords to their AdWords campaigns or optimize… Continue reading How To Use Google's New Search-based Keyword Tool.

Published Nov 20, 2008  02:11 PM | (0 comments)

A new product is in early testing stages on Google. The product test is by invite only, but it is a feature that may dramatically affect search engine results in the future, especially paid search advertising.

Selected AdWords advertisers are having a line show up below their ad in search results that says “+Show Products from [Advertiser] for [search query].” When clicked, this link expands to a box with… Continue reading Google Product Search Plus Box In Alpha.

Published Nov 14, 2008  08:11 PM | (3 comments)

Google announced today that it will be discontinuing the paid search advertising deal that has been brewing between the search giant and one of its chief competitors, Yahoo, for the past several months. The abandonment of this partnership could mean the loss of millions of dollars in potential revenue.

Antitrust investigations by the U.S. government are cited as responsible for giving Google “cold feet” even after the magnitude of… Continue reading The Yahoo/Google Ad Deal Is Off.

Published Nov 05, 2008  01:11 PM | (0 comments)

As you may have noticed, with our switch to Rackspace dedicated hosting, semvironment has launched a new company website and added some outstanding options to our PPC management service.

semvironment’s previous slogan was “Turning Clicks Into Customers,” and whereas this continues to be a primary focus of what we do, we have changed our corporate slogan to “Empowering Advertisers Worldwide.” This is demonstrative of our new focus on giving… Continue reading Turning Over A New Leaf.

Published Nov 04, 2008  01:11 PM | (0 comments)

You might not see any new stuff on the semvironment blog for a week (give or take a few days), as we’re switching all of our sites over to Rackspace. The company is expanding rapidly lately, and we feel the need to get a dedicated server for maximum support and protection for our site, our clients, and our partner sites that we host.

Wish us luck as we make… Continue reading We're Making The Switch To Rackspace.

Published Oct 22, 2008  01:10 PM | (3 comments)

As we recently reported, Google AdWords has announced three big changes in its pay per click advertising program concerning quality score and bidding. The AdWords Team said today that Google is now ready to roll out the changes to all advertisers across Google’s entire network.

So buckle up, and watch your accounts for the changes this week.

On the Inside Adwords blog, Google explained that quality… Continue reading AdWords Quality Score Changes To Go Live Worldwide.

Published Sep 15, 2008  06:09 PM | (0 comments)

Google AdWords has announced the introduction of three quality score improvements in its pay per click platform. The changes include dynamic, real-time quality scores for keywords, a removal of the “inactive for search” label on low-bid keywords, and the replacement of minimum bids with “first page bids.”

The following are some screenshots of the new quality score changes, photo credits belong to The PPC Book

Published Sep 08, 2008  12:09 PM | (3 comments)

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