Link building

Introducing the Link Builder for Wordpress

The Link Builder simply tracks the websites and pages you link to and sends an email message to that website owner/administrator notifying them of your link.

Download the Link Builder for Wordpress here

Then watch this video (update: haha – if you turn up your… Continue reading Link Builder for Wordpress - Download it Now!!!.

Published Jul 21, 2008  11:07 AM | (8 comments)

Ok – these are my raw notes…I’ll re-decipher them later. This was an awesome session!

Roger Monti (spelling?)

dot edu link hunting

.edu is probably the most white hat link you can get

focus on natural citations

Check what the industry heavyweight backlinks are in your niche

Charitable opportunities

Fact vs Myth

Not a magic bullet, not necessarily better than other links… Continue reading SMX Advanced: Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques.

Published Jun 03, 2008  12:06 PM | (2 comments)

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