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Testing your website’s landing pages is one way to increase conversions without spending more on advertising. Certain design and page elements can improve conversion rates by 100% or more over time!

Basic Intro to using Google’s Website Optimizer to test your website

To get started with Website Optimizer, first log into your Google AdWords account. Click on “Website Optimizer, just below the tabs at the top… Continue reading Increase Conversions Without Spending Money: Google's Website Optimizer.

Published Oct 08, 2008  01:10 PM | (3 comments)

Probably the most fundamentally important task in PPC Management is testing. Split or multivariate testing of advertising copy, landing page designs, and pricing points is just the beginning. Capitalization, ad position, and the positioning of elements on your webpage can all impact your conversions, and that eventually means your bottom line.

Constant testing and improvement is vitally important to a successful pay per click campaign, or any element… Continue reading The Importance of Testing - Even Google Does It.

Published Oct 07, 2008  05:10 AM | (2 comments)

In Tom Leung’s slides he had this graph that visually displayed which pages you should spend a majority of your time testing… Continue reading What Pages Should You Test First?.

Published Feb 06, 2008  02:02 PM | (0 comments)

Leon Chevalier at wrote a post that hit the top of with a very similar title. His hint is very applicable to landing pages! Continue reading Decrease Landing Page Load Time by 500% With 3 Lines Of Code!.

Published Jan 21, 2008  06:01 PM | (0 comments)

Without further ado, here is the fastest 4 step guide to making a dynamic landing page with PHP… Continue reading PPC Management: Create Dynamic Landing Pages In 15 Minutes Or Less.

Published Jan 07, 2008  08:01 AM | (36 comments)

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