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Last month on the SEOMoz blog, Rand talked about the disconnect between PPC and SEO spending, along with about 100 commentators, including semvironment’s CEO, James Zolman.

In his post, Rand poses the question: Why does paid search earn so many more marketing dollars than search engine optimization when organic results get more traffic than PPC ads?

In this post, we’d like to respond to this issue as well… Continue reading I'll Take A $5 Footlong - Half SEO and Half PPC Please.

Published Nov 14, 2008  01:11 PM | (4 comments)

Yahoo! Search Submit Pro recently added (99% sure this is recent because I haven’t seen this before) a ‘site link’ functionality that looks very similar to business.com’s paid links and, of course, there was probably some influence from Google’s first result site links – I wouldn’t be surprised if Yahoo! got the bright idea to add more links to more sponsored ‘organic’ results from Business.com because business.com’s paid directory listings… Continue reading Paid Organic 'Site Links' In Yahoo!?.

Published Aug 23, 2008  01:08 PM | (3 comments)

Aaron Wall, the guru behind SEO Book.com’s SEO Training Course and SEO Tools, posted a blog post a few weeks ago about guest posting for a number of his readers. We were one of the lucky ones that he responded to with an in depth PPC interview. He was very complimentary and we’re excited to share his answers… Continue reading Interview: Aaron Wall (SEO Book.com) On Pay Per Click Advertising.

Published Apr 07, 2008  08:04 AM | (1 comments)

1. How-To Customize Your Google Analytics Dashboard

First, log into Google Analytics and view your dashboard. You can close several of those default metrics if you do not want to use them as your KPIs.

Second, find the report you want to display on your Dashboard. For our site, semvironment.com, we added these reports: Reverse Goal Path, All Traffic Sources, Goals Overview for each goal, etc.

Finally… Continue reading 8 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tips, Hints, and Resources.

Published Feb 18, 2008  01:02 PM | (0 comments)

I admire affiliate SEOs/PPC Marketers. They can take any affiliate program and make a ton of money – at least that is my perception of the great SEOs/PPC… Continue reading Going From Good To Great In SEO/PPC Marketing.

Published Dec 11, 2007  08:12 PM | (0 comments)

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