shiny and new

semvironment has been going through a shiny new internal transformation lately…here’s the latest:

semvironment is now a one man show. I (James Zolman) realized that during this economic turmoil, it is easier to be flexible and strong as a service provider if the people that help me can maintain their sense of… Continue reading semvironment's shiny new guts :P.

Published Jun 09, 2009  03:06 PM | (2 comments)

Blog post that quotes wikipedia’s pay per click history and how it directly influenced Yahoo!’s Sponsored Search platform. Continue reading The History of Pay Per Click Advertising and Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

Published Nov 01, 2007  10:11 AM | (0 comments)

What did Google and Yahoo! do when they were two? Find their second year historical summaries here. Continue reading It's Our 2nd Anniversary! Woohoo!.

Published Oct 31, 2007  02:10 PM | (0 comments)

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