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Note: This error was fixed sometime during the day on June 10, 2008.

If you happen to review your MSN adCenter accounts this morning - specifically the geo-targeting of ad groups - you might be in for a BIG surprise!! You are targeting a remote, land locked African nation called Burkina Faso…here is the screen shot of what you might see in MSN:

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Tom Leung

Content experimentation
-testing tools
-randomly send visitors to pages and send them to the same page when they come back to see how they convert

Conversion optimization on own pages have increased conversions by tens of millions

Test several versions of page

Sometimes testing is not for you to just improve conversion rate but it’s there to make sure you

don’t kill your conversion rate - it’s ‘insurance’

Content experimentation is a process

Testing takes great laternate… Continue reading SMX Advanced: Conversion Optimization - Winning After They Arrive.

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Kevin Johnson, President, Platform & Services Division, Microsft

My favorite quote from the Keynote: “Innovate the User experience and the business model behind it.”

…lot’s of boring ‘business’ talk about paradigms and ‘elements of innovation’ ‘entrenched competitor’…Sorry readers, I don’t think I appreciate Microsoft as much as I should…they just don’t seem to be in tune with what people really want like Google is.

Microsoft identifies 3 major verticals or query intent: entertainment… Continue reading SMX Advanced - Keynote.

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A few weeks ago I addressed dealing with trademark issues in AdWords.

We have recently been diving in to protect several clients from trademark infringement in advertisements so I thought I would post the locations to submit trademark complaints to each search engine if you have a registered trademark to protect:

Google AdWords Complaint Form - Probably the lengthiest form you will need to complete…so I recommend doing this one… Continue reading Submit A Trademark Complaint To Protect Your Mark.

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Warning: This is an informative, somewhat educational rant that is mostly against the ppc bid management software commonly used today. :)

Automating bid management is one of the biggest priorities for us when we build a new account or take over an existing account. If we can automate bid management, then we can focus on the creative stuff like ad copy… Continue reading Automating PPC Bid Management.

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Sometimes a competitor will use your brand or trademark in their ad text…and in extreme cases, they will sneak your business name into their url. If you are just starting out, you might think it is a waste of time to go after those that may be ‘infringing’ on your mark because the search volume is low. At the same time, the value of your brand is determined in part… Continue reading Dealing With Trademark Issues In AdWords.

Published Apr 17, 2008  08:04 PM | (1 comments)

Aaron Wall, the guru behind SEO’s SEO Training Course and SEO Tools, posted a blog post a few weeks ago about guest posting for a number of his readers. We were one of the lucky ones that he responded to with an in depth PPC interview. He was very complimentary and we’re excited to share his answers to our… Continue reading Interview: Aaron Wall (SEO On Pay Per Click Advertising.

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Webinar: Website Optimizer - What Should I Test?

Host: Tom Leung - Google Website Optimizer

Guest Presenter: Bryan Eisenberg - Future Now (blog is at GrokDotCom)

Slides will be archived and available within a few weeks on the Google Website Optimizer website in the resources section.

Tom Leung’s Presentation:

What is the website Optimizer? (For those not familiar with the product.)

It is part of an entire system of tools that Google… Continue reading Live Blogging A Webinar: Website Optimizer - What Should I Test?.

Published Mar 11, 2008  10:03 AM | (7 comments)

1. How-To Customize Your Google Analytics Dashboard

First, log into Google Analytics and view your dashboard. You can close several of those default metrics if you do not want to use them as your KPIs.

Second, find the report you want to display on your Dashboard. For our site,, we added these reports: Reverse Goal Path, All Traffic Sources, Goals Overview for each goal, etc.

Finally, when you are at the report… Continue reading 8 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tips, Hints, and Resources.

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…Dr. Cialdini discusses automated responses that we have due to what we have learned and experienced in our lives… Continue reading

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