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With the announcement yesterday that Google now has improved indexing for Flash websites, the SEO world may see changes in the not so distant future. According to Google Webmaster Central, the new algorithm in place can index “All of the text that users can see as they interact with your Flash file. If your website [...]

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David Szetela, the ‘godfather’ of ppc, interviewed me yesterday for the PPC Rockstar show on
It’s been archived now so you can listen to the show for free here!
I’m slicing up the slide show that we discussed in the show to give more details and I will be posting a series of 5-7 minute videos [...]

posted by jameszol Jul 01, 2008  08:07 AM
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AdWords announced The Retirement of the Pay-Per-Action beta because of the new Google Affiliate Network:

“The Google Affiliate Network, previously known as DoubleClick Performics Affiliate, has been in operation since 1998. Through the network, advertisers can open their ads to all publishers in the network, or select specific publishers that match their criteria. You can set [...]

posted by jameszol Jun 30, 2008  07:06 PM
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Barry Schwartz noted a couple days ago and again today on Search Engine Land that the Overture Keyword Tool is finally gone for good. Barry emailed Yahoo! and they confirmed that the tool is not coming back.

The original Overture keyword tool site now redirects you to Yahoo! Search Marketing.
Now you have to get a Yahoo! [...]

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David Szetela, of Clix Marketing and SEW fame, interviewed me today on’s PPC Rockstars show - it was an awesome experience.
I think the show will air at 4pm EST!
After it airs, I’ll post a more detailed video including the slides we talked about on the show and a walk through of some [...]

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Just Kidding!
We’re proud to announce a new forum that is 100% dedicated to pay per click management - assuming you already know about pay per click advertising but have questions or want to bounce ideas off other pros in the industry then you need to register and participate at….
If you enjoyed this post, make sure [...]

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Note: This error was fixed sometime during the day on June 10, 2008.
If you happen to review your MSN adCenter accounts this morning - specifically the geo-targeting of ad groups - you might be in for a BIG surprise!! You are targeting a remote, land locked African nation called Burkina Faso…here is the screen shot [...]

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Tom Leung
Content experimentation
-testing tools
-randomly send visitors to pages and send them to the same page when they come back to see how they convert
Conversion optimization on own pages have increased conversions by tens of millions
Test several versions of page
Sometimes testing is not for you to just improve conversion rate but it’s there to make sure [...]

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Kevin Johnson, President, Platform & Services Division, Microsft
My favorite quote from the Keynote: “Innovate the User experience and the business model behind it.”
…lot’s of boring ‘business’ talk about paradigms and ‘elements of innovation’ ‘entrenched competitor’…Sorry readers, I don’t think I appreciate Microsoft as much as I should…they just don’t seem to be in tune with [...]

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A few weeks ago I addressed dealing with trademark issues in AdWords.
We have recently been diving in to protect several clients from trademark infringement in advertisements so I thought I would post the locations to submit trademark complaints to each search engine if you have a registered trademark to protect:
Google AdWords Complaint Form - Probably [...]

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