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This session was mostly a quick Q&A:
Q: Are we in a recession?
A: Dollar is weaker against several major currencies so that would affect the environment while search may be the least expensive form of mass marketing. Stagflation might be skirted but we could still see inflation…but it’s all relative to the industry you’re in. Search [...]

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I hope you don’t mind me dumping my notes to the blog - I’ll be back to fill these in by the end of the week so they should make more sense.
John Tawadros
There is a lot more to a query than the general broad match keyword that shows as a ‘conversion’
Logging leads over [...]

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Kevin Johnson, President, Platform & Services Division, Microsft
My favorite quote from the Keynote: “Innovate the User experience and the business model behind it.”
…lot’s of boring ‘business’ talk about paradigms and ‘elements of innovation’ ‘entrenched competitor’…Sorry readers, I don’t think I appreciate Microsoft as much as I should…they just don’t seem to be in tune with [...]

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This is my tentative schedule for live blogging what I can at SMX Advanced…I’m really excited to be attending this year!
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
9:15 - 10am Keynote - Kevin Johnson, President, Platform & Services Division, Microsoft
10:45 - 12pm - Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques
1:30 - 2:45pm - Creating Value in Your SEM [...]

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So I thought I would share something I found - the problem is, I don’t remember where I found this tip so if you know the source, please send a comment my way!
We’re newbies to link building and we won’t even pretend to really know what’s up in the SEO/Link Building world but [...]

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I received my first ‘referral’ from today - lol. I have to admit that our semdaily page is heavily weighted towards PPC blogs…and I didn’t even realize that it was similar to Alltop’s SEO section but more about PPC until Chris Bennett from 97th Floor pointed that out. Thanks Chris!
What is funny to [...]

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This is a work in progress…
But here it is!
The SEM Daily Reading page at semvironment!!!!!
I plan on adding 15 - 30 of the top blogs in the industry to this page - obviously leaning towards pay per click marketing with a healthy dose of SEO.
Yes - it is similar to p*purls while significantly different. [...]

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A few weeks ago I addressed dealing with trademark issues in AdWords.
We have recently been diving in to protect several clients from trademark infringement in advertisements so I thought I would post the locations to submit trademark complaints to each search engine if you have a registered trademark to protect:
Google AdWords Complaint Form - Probably [...]

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I love to link out to the best ppc advertising stories of the week and sometimes I snag things that are remotely related to ppc but the new roundup format I want to use is simply the automatic blog links.
Why I think this will be better
+You will still get your roundup
+Those that write these [...]

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It’s an honor to write for a powerful audience like you. Readers are the best reason for us to share our thoughts, ideas, opinions and more.
You already know that the blog has been on a half-hiatus type of a schedule for the past month or two…with awesome roundups and a few relatively decent posts in [...]

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