According to KeywordDiscovery, this phrase, “How many spiders does a person swallow in their sleep,” garners 14,912 searches per month. Nobody is advertising on this keyphrase, so initially one might get very excited about the possibilities.

But upon further analysis, this figure becomes very suspicious. Queries with related keywords like “How to kiss” and “Spider… Continue reading How Many Spiders Does A Person Swallow In Their Sleep?.

Published Jul 08, 2008  10:07 AM | (2 comments)

Note: This error was fixed sometime during the day on June 10, 2008.

If you happen to review your MSN adCenter accounts this morning – specifically the geo-targeting of ad groups – you might be in for a BIG surprise!! You are targeting a remote, land locked African nation called Burkina Faso…here is the screen shot of what you might see in MSN:

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I’m sorry! The website was down almost all day – along with our ecommerce ventures, etc. Thanks to

Dreamhost didn’t offer any consolation, support, messaging system, anything except their general status blog.

I guess you get what you pay for in this industry…most of you knew that right?

We’re on the hunt for a dedicated server now – and we’re NOT even going to consider Dreamhost… Continue reading Dreamhost...You Are My Nightmare.

Published Mar 25, 2008  07:03 PM | (2 comments)

Sometimes I will see silly mistakes while I’m browsing around…for example, I noticed one a few weeks ago that had this in a text ad headline:


So I typed in the display url and found the email address of the director of marketing and sent him a message politely asking him to forward this message to the right person:

“I thought you would like to know… Continue reading How Many People Take Action On Your Advice?.

Published Feb 27, 2008  02:02 PM | (2 comments)

My natural inclination is to share. I like sharing information, personal stories, problems, news, tools, life, etc. It’s just who I am and I think that’s one… Continue reading Google, You SUCK and I WILL Find Another Way!.

Published Jan 25, 2008  01:01 PM | (16 comments)

Received an error today that said the maximum cost per click bid was too high at $6. Budget was $50. Interesting error that we might not be able to replicate. Continue reading Error: Your keyword maximum CPC bid is too high. Please lower your bid..

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