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I do the PPC Roundups for internal documentation and external reading opportunities…and my ‘grand central’ blog roll is getting quite large but I still feel like I might not be capturing or reading some of the best Pay Per Click posts out there so here are my current resources (alphabetical order) for PPC, Analytics, and anybody that has posted… Continue reading The Grand Central Station of Pay Per Click Related Blogs v1.

Published Mar 20, 2008  09:03 AM | (7 comments)

Ok - I’m not advertising for my site right now so it isn’t hurting the AdWords QS but I have to say that my self-inflicted QS says the blog has definitely been showing a very poor quality score for the past few weeks.

The slow load time is due to a Server OS issue that dreamhost is having…and they are going to fix it at night on March 12.

I noticed the… Continue reading Slow Servers and Daily Roundups Are Hurting My QS.

Published Mar 10, 2008  12:03 PM | (2 comments)

The old feed (Apollo SEM) is going to be obsolete soon so please remember to subscribe to the new feed found here:


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Published Feb 19, 2008  10:02 AM | (0 comments)

Subscribe to our new feed - the old Apollo SEM feed will expire on March 1, 2008. Thanks! Continue reading New RSS Feed for semvironment.

Published Feb 01, 2008  08:02 PM | (0 comments)

Today, January 24, 2008, 100+ subscribers read our blog and that community is growing! Thanks to all who encourage us to do better and be better… Continue reading Hooray! Thanks For Helping Us Pass 100 Readers!.

Published Jan 24, 2008  06:01 AM | (3 comments)

Very funny picture by about the history of blogging. A must see! Continue reading Funny Picture - History of Blogging.

Published Jan 17, 2008  10:01 AM | (1 comments)

We are nominated for a SEMMY 2008 Award. If you want to see other excellent posts from ‘07, visit Continue reading Nominated for a SEMMY.

Published Jan 14, 2008  07:01 AM | (0 comments)

Yesterday I heard somebody say “You should read it like you are going to teach it.” Continue reading Why Blogging Is Great For Me.

Published Jan 10, 2008  09:01 PM | (0 comments)

Blogs that are dedicated to all things pay per click are rare. We found this one through…and other PPC blogs we read. Continue reading Our PPC Blog Subscriptions - New and Old.

Published Dec 06, 2007  08:12 PM | (0 comments)

Use daily blog post tool to post your bookmarks to your blog regularly. Continue reading Automatic Blogging: links for 200* links.

Published Nov 20, 2007  10:11 PM | (0 comments)

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