Affiliate Summit West 2010

I’m stoked to be going to Affiliate Summit West this year!

I’ll be getting in late Sunday night but I’ll be there all day Monday and Tuesday. I’ll probably be tweeting a bit – I’ll tweet out my location, etc sometimes so I’d love to chat!!

Ads on this blog

I will be experimenting with ads on this blog in the very… Continue reading Quick Update: Affiliate Summit West and Ads on this blog.

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The team over at translated the Link Builder plugin into German! We’re honored that they would think so highly of the tool and we wish them continued success in Germany and abroad for their contribution.

The Link Builder “Spread The Love” Wordpress plugin tracks the websites and pages you link to in your blog and sends an email message to that website owner/administrator notifying them of your… Continue reading Spread The Love (aka Link Builder) for Wordpress - German Translation.

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Shane should be back up and at it writing and working for semvironment from Hawaii within the next two days – he will start covering news again so you might see a few quick, short two or three paragraph posts outlining some of the events of the past week or two that we missed.

Chrome is insanely fast – I’m already a huge fan. Can’t wait to develop… Continue reading Quick Update - News Coverage, Chrome and Upcoming Post Series.

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So I logged in the other day to one of our clients’ AdWords accounts, and saw the following somewhat familiar sight:

This is one of our most productive accounts as far as volume of conversions goes, and our cost per conversion is staggeringly low. Out of curiosity, I took a look at what Google’s recommended budget… Continue reading Google Recommends I Pay Them 3x as Much.

Published Jul 24, 2008  02:07 PM | (5 comments)

Download another semvironment wordpress creation today and start improving your organic traffic!

Rand just published a “Headsmacking Tip” this morning about the importance of researching and optimizing your blog post titles and content before hitting ‘publish’…and roughly 24 hours before he published the post, I wrote to our lead wordpress programmer about developing a plugin that let’s us do exactly that!

We planned on using the… Continue reading Keyword Research Wordpress Plugin!.

Published Jul 22, 2008  11:07 AM | (23 comments)

Introducing the Link Builder for Wordpress

The Link Builder simply tracks the websites and pages you link to and sends an email message to that website owner/administrator notifying them of your link.

Download the Link Builder for Wordpress here

Then watch this video (update: haha – if you turn up your… Continue reading Link Builder for Wordpress - Download it Now!!!.

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The new look is what we are. :)

Fresh, vibrant, green and fun!

Shane Snow is the genius behind the new design – and in fact, we have given him a new official title to add to his box of titles – lol – he is now our copywriter and creative director. That’s really where his best experience and expertise is…he has already rewritten some of our… Continue reading New Look!.

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We just became a ‘dofollow’ blog – all author names and links included in comments are now dofollowed…however, there is a caveat to having this privelege. :)

Here are the rules:

1. After 3 useful comments with the same email address, all future comments coming from the same email address will be dofollowed…the author and links within those comments, as long as they’re relevant, will be… Continue reading We DoFollow Author and Comment Links Now!.

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This is a work in progress…

But here it is!

The SEM Daily Reading page at semvironment!!!!!

I plan on adding 15 – 30 of the top blogs in the industry to this page – obviously leaning towards pay per click marketing with a healthy dose of SEO.

Yes – it is similar to… Continue reading Introducing the SEM Daily Reading Fix!.

Published May 12, 2008  07:05 PM | (2 comments)
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