Bryan Eisenberg recently blogged at MSN AdCenter Analytics Blog about the 7 Biggest Mistakes of Web Analytics. We thought we’d work off of these seven points and give you our take on how to make the most of your analytics setup, while avoiding some major pitfalls. Some of these tips are universal to all analytics software, including free services, like Google Analytics, while others are obviously geared toward larger… Continue reading How To Make The Most Of Your Analytics.

Published Dec 01, 2008  08:12 PM | (1 comments)

A buddy just emailed me to say that his Google Analytics advanced filters were working again to expose the detailed search queries of AdWords visitors!

You can find detailed instructions on exposing your keyword data in this post:

PPC Management: AdWords Keyword Data Exposed With Google Analytics!

I looked into it and it looks like Google fixed their advanced filter problem (at least for these filters)… Continue reading Hooray! Detailed Keyword Data Is Available Again!!!!.

Published Mar 13, 2008  02:03 PM | (6 comments)

Webinar: Website Optimizer – What Should I Test?

Host: Tom Leung – Google Website Optimizer

Guest Presenter: Bryan Eisenberg – Future Now (blog is at GrokDotCom)

Slides will be archived and available within a few weeks on the Google Website Optimizer website in the resources section.

Tom Leung’s Presentation:

What is the website Optimizer? (For those not familiar with the product.)… Continue reading Live Blogging A Webinar: Website Optimizer - What Should I Test?.

Published Mar 11, 2008  10:03 AM | (7 comments)

1. How-To Customize Your Google Analytics Dashboard

First, log into Google Analytics and view your dashboard. You can close several of those default metrics if you do not want to use them as your KPIs.

Second, find the report you want to display on your Dashboard. For our site,, we added these reports: Reverse Goal Path, All Traffic Sources, Goals Overview for each goal, etc.

Finally… Continue reading 8 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tips, Hints, and Resources.

Published Feb 18, 2008  01:02 PM | (0 comments)

If you are using the new javascript code for Analytics, you should head over to ROI Revolution and download the latest exact keyword data tracking script so you… Continue reading UPDATE: ROI Revolution Updates AdWords/Analytics Exact Data Script.

Published Feb 15, 2008  07:02 AM | (0 comments)

The new way to expose the exact key term a user searches when they click on a paid search advertisement… Continue reading AdWords/Analytics Keyword Data Fix - Thanks Jeff!.

Published Feb 04, 2008  07:02 PM | (6 comments)

Your bounce rate should be considered with the rest of your user metrics but I don’t believe it can have the weight… Continue reading High Bounce Rates Can Be Good.

Published Jan 30, 2008  07:01 AM | (5 comments)

Ian Lurie at Portent Interactive wrote about Analytics having auto-tagging issues earlier this week – I believe the issue started around January 9… Continue reading Google Analytics Auto-Tagging Issues.

Published Jan 18, 2008  11:01 AM | (0 comments)

A follow up post to our first NUDE series post – how to find conversion data with your newly exposed AdWords keywords! Continue reading Getting Conversion Data With Your New Analytics Profile.

Published Dec 26, 2007  03:12 PM | (5 comments)

You CAN expose your specific AdWords Keyword Data beyond the dreaded “other unique queries” in the AdWords Search Query Report with Google Analytics! Continue reading PPC Management: AdWords Keyword Data Exposed With Google Analytics!.

Published Dec 19, 2007  07:12 AM | (102 comments)

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