I’ve only recently started exploring the power of mobile and search…specifically paid search – and noticed a cool tool in Google AdWords that I wanted to share!

While setting up a mobile campaign last night I thought “Wouldn’t it be great to see the mobile search volume for these keywords? I bet Google has a tool…let me go to AdWords Help and see.”

Kablam! Here was the

Published Feb 25, 2009  10:02 AM | (3 comments)

How To Differentiate Your Ad In A Competitive Space

As more advertisers are jumping on the paid search bandwagon every day, the ppc marketplace is becoming increasingly emulous. In competitive markets, more and more searches bring up pages full of nearly identical sponsored ads. Here’s an example of a Google search for house painting:

Published Dec 08, 2008  03:12 PM | (5 comments)

A new product is in early testing stages on Google. The product test is by invite only, but it is a feature that may dramatically affect search engine results in the future, especially paid search advertising.

Selected AdWords advertisers are having a line show up below their ad in search results that says “+Show Products from [Advertiser] for [search query].” When clicked, this link expands to a box with… Continue reading Google Product Search Plus Box In Alpha.

Published Nov 14, 2008  08:11 PM | (3 comments)

Google AdWords recently expanded the monthly budget settings beta – it’s not available to everybody yet while it is available to more advertisers today than it was a short time ago. This feature adds a little more flexibility to the ad program and empowers advertisers with more control over their Adwords campaigns.

While a monthly budget may seem like the intuitive method of budgeting ad spend in the first… Continue reading AdWords Monthly Budget Now In Expanded Beta, Pros & Cons.

Published Nov 05, 2008  05:11 PM | (0 comments)

Finally, Adwords has enabled advertisers to view statistics for search partners separately from those from This newest change to the Adwords pay per click advertising program adds another level of reporting detail that will help advertisers track the performance of their campaigns.

Previously, data from Search Partners and Google Search was aggregated, so advertisers could view all of their search stats and all of their content network… Continue reading Search Partners Finally Get Sorted Out In Adwords.

Published Oct 16, 2008  06:10 PM | (3 comments)

Yesterday Google announced on the Adwords blog that it released a display ad builder that allows advertisers to build their own graphic advertisements in minutes. You may now feel free to fire your graphic designers. :)

This new tool is accessible from the Create An Ad page within an Adwords campaign. Navigate to your campaign, then ad group, and then click on the Ad Variations tab. On that… Continue reading Easy AdWords Display Ad Builder Launched.

Published Oct 16, 2008  11:10 AM | (0 comments)

While U.S. politicians are talking about expanding health care to more people, Google AdWords is walking its talk, as it announced this morning that its Conversion Optimizer has reduced its eligibility requirements and expanded its service to more pay per click advertisers. This will allow a very large number of advertisers to now qualify for the campaign enhancing tool.

Prior to today, advertisers were required to have a… Continue reading Enough About Universal Health Insurance. Now There's Universal Conversion Optimizer.

Published Oct 13, 2008  11:10 AM | (0 comments)

Why This Firefox Addon Rocks!

This toolbar will display today’s basic key performance indicators at the bottom of your browser.

Double Click this toolbar for your stats to update – it may take 60 seconds… Continue reading PPC Management for Firefox (beta).

Published Sep 29, 2008  09:09 AM | (25 comments)

Seriously…I’m seconding Shane’s post about getting an AdWords API Token set…it’s so easy!

Simply log into your Client Center (yes, you need one even if you have one advertiser account!)…then click on ‘My Account’, then click ‘AdWords API Center’ and follow the instructions from there to apply!

Here are the instructions in super simplified form:

1. Get a Client Center account if you don’t already… Continue reading AdWords API - It's Free To Sign Up!.

Published Sep 26, 2008  04:09 PM | (0 comments)

A little while ago, we posted instructions on how to sign up for the AdWords API and get a developer token. Again, the AdWords API is a way for you to tap into your AdWords account data from external programs. It comes in handy with nifty tools that are coming out all the time to help you manage your pay per click accounts more effectively and efficiently.

A… Continue reading AdWords API - You're Gonna Want It!.

Published Sep 26, 2008  03:09 PM | (0 comments)

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