Affiliate Summit West 2010

I’m stoked to be going to Affiliate Summit West this year!

I’ll be getting in late Sunday night but I’ll be there all day Monday and Tuesday. I’ll probably be tweeting a bit – I’ll tweet out my location, etc sometimes so I’d love to chat!!

Ads on this blog

I will be experimenting with ads on this blog in the very… Continue reading Quick Update: Affiliate Summit West and Ads on this blog.

Published Jan 11, 2010  01:01 PM | (3 comments)

Have you been thinking about mobile advertising? If you haven’t, you probably should. Mobile advertising can be an extremely profitable part of an integrated Internet marketing or pay per click advertising campaign. Mobile has been called the world’s fastest growing ad medium, and today we’re going to run through 8 of the Hottest Mobile Ad Platforms in order to help you start off on the right (mobile) foot.

Published Feb 25, 2009  07:02 PM | (1 comments)

How To Differentiate Your Ad In A Competitive Space

As more advertisers are jumping on the paid search bandwagon every day, the ppc marketplace is becoming increasingly emulous. In competitive markets, more and more searches bring up pages full of nearly identical sponsored ads. Here’s an example of a Google search for house painting:

Published Dec 08, 2008  03:12 PM | (5 comments)

Baidu, the most widely used search engine in China, recently promised to fire staff and overhaul its operations after a scandal regarding medical listings occurred last month, according to The Guardian. Apparently, companies without medical licenses were advertising on the search engine, tricking customers into paying high rates for non-legitimate medical care. Baidu faced some severe repercussions because of this scandal.

Search Engine Land questioned why Baidu… Continue reading Chinese Search Engine Scandal Sparks Questions.

Published Dec 02, 2008  09:12 PM | (0 comments)

Finally, Adwords has enabled advertisers to view statistics for search partners separately from those from This newest change to the Adwords pay per click advertising program adds another level of reporting detail that will help advertisers track the performance of their campaigns.

Previously, data from Search Partners and Google Search was aggregated, so advertisers could view all of their search stats and all of their content network… Continue reading Search Partners Finally Get Sorted Out In Adwords.

Published Oct 16, 2008  06:10 PM | (3 comments)

Yesterday Google announced on the Adwords blog that it released a display ad builder that allows advertisers to build their own graphic advertisements in minutes. You may now feel free to fire your graphic designers. :)

This new tool is accessible from the Create An Ad page within an Adwords campaign. Navigate to your campaign, then ad group, and then click on the Ad Variations tab. On that… Continue reading Easy AdWords Display Ad Builder Launched.

Published Oct 16, 2008  11:10 AM | (0 comments)

Testing your website’s landing pages is one way to increase conversions without spending more on advertising. Certain design and page elements can improve conversion rates by 100% or more over time!

Basic Intro to using Google’s Website Optimizer to test your website

To get started with Website Optimizer, first log into your Google AdWords account. Click on “Website Optimizer, just below the tabs at the top… Continue reading Increase Conversions Without Spending Money: Google's Website Optimizer.

Published Oct 08, 2008  01:10 PM | (3 comments)

Search giant, Google Inc., recently rolled out its search enhancing “Google Suggest,” a drop-down box that recommends search queries as users type. While Yahoo! has had this feature for some time, the addition of search suggestions in Google has caused a special stir among pay per click managers.

As Google users search, a drop-down box appears with 10 suggested queries, along with the number of results. For… Continue reading Google Suggest Feature To Shake Up PPC World.

Published Sep 04, 2008  01:09 AM | (4 comments)

In August Google added a third tier to its AdWords Seminars for Success: AdWords 301. In addition to the beginner and intermediate level AdWords seminars (now called AdWords 101 and 201 respectively), this highly advanced seminar has been added to the Seminars for Success program, targeting advertisers who already understand the fundamentals of Adwords. Google explains that AdWords 301 topics will include “campaign best practices, advanced optimization techniques… Continue reading AdWords Creates Advanced Level 3 Seminar.

Published Sep 03, 2008  11:09 AM | (0 comments)

Yahoo! Search Submit Pro recently added (99% sure this is recent because I haven’t seen this before) a ‘site link’ functionality that looks very similar to’s paid links and, of course, there was probably some influence from Google’s first result site links – I wouldn’t be surprised if Yahoo! got the bright idea to add more links to more sponsored ‘organic’ results from because’s paid directory listings… Continue reading Paid Organic 'Site Links' In Yahoo!?.

Published Aug 23, 2008  01:08 PM | (3 comments)

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