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Blogging Hiatus Schedule, Upcoming Book, Company Updates

By jameszol
Published on April 22, 2008

It’s an honor to write for a powerful audience like you. Readers are the best reason for us to share our thoughts, ideas, opinions and more.

You already know that the blog has been on a half-hiatus type of a schedule for the past month or two…with awesome roundups and a few relatively decent posts in between. The industry is booming and more people are blogging about the subject of pay per click advertising than ever before!

I am going to take a bigger hiatus so I can finish a ppc management book that I’ve been working on for a while. I hope to have the book done in 2 or 3 weeks!! Hooray!! The title is: PPC Management - A Beginner’s Guide. This book will actually serve as our in-house training manual but I thought I should make it available to everybody! While I have been writing the beginner’s book I already started on the outline for the next book that I hope to have done by the end of 3Q or beginning of 4Q entitled: PPC Management - An Advanced Guide…I think I will make that available to everybody too.

While I am writing the book, which will be 100% FREE (100+ pages!) to you and your friends, the blog is going to be neglected a little bit…the schedule will mostly consist of our favorite roundup posts and a few tidbits of helpful/useful ppc information. Then, the book will be officially announced and you will have full and complete access to it for FREE. :) And I’ll be back on track with regular ppc advertising tips and tricks after the book is done.

Nude posts that I have been promising will be posted over the next several months - here is what you can expect:

NUDE: The Insider’s Keyword Expansion Technique

The Insider’s Keyword Expansion Technique is a ‘leave your losses behind’ and ‘maximize your gains’ approach to keywords that has worked tremendously for us. The post will include a bit of info about grouping and keyword intent. We will share a case study about one of our clients and how we were able to cut costs in half and double their lead volume within the first 60 days of management using this technique.

NUDE: Mirroring Google’s Success On Yahoo! and MSN

A detailed guide to replicating your success on Google in Yahoo! and MSN…we share our secrets to rapidly mirroring your Google campaigns, ads, keywords and more in Yahoo! and MSN within a couple hours or less!

NUDE: The Definitive Guide To Your Quality Scores

Or an alternative title could be: How to get your Quality Score minimum bid to .05 or less on every single keyword when you manage thousands of keywords in each campaign. :)

And now for semvironment updates -

+Officially launching 3 out of 6 e-commerce websites this week. Here are a few stats: over 100 products and counting, very niche products, general category of products is ‘outdoor home goods and accessories’

+Developing a fantastic tool for e-commerce pay per click advertising…expected launch date is sometime in June/July. We expect this tool to be a cornerstone to our future suite of tools if it takes off as expected.

Thanks for tuning in this time - our next post will be a roundup and there have been some excellent stories over the past week!

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2 Responses to “Blogging Hiatus Schedule, Upcoming Book, Company Updates”

  1. Dr. Pete (11 comments.) Says:

    Good luck with book! I look forward to checking it out when you’re done.

  2. jameszol Says:

    Thanks Dr. Pete! The book will be ‘the basics’ for now…but it’s full of basic ‘theory’ beyond your ordinary ‘about pay per click advertising’ and ‘how to use ppc for your business’ type of a book. :)

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