BIG Pay Per Click Advertising Roundup for Saturday through Sunday 3/29/08 – 4/6/08

By jameszol
Published on April 7, 2008

I hope you have a successful week this week – don’t forget to check out the following stories:

Official Blogs


Google Analytics 101 (Part 3) – This is a quick overview of the Google Analytics dashboard.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Common Enemy – Y!SM is teaming up with Click Forensics to combat click fraud. It looks like Yahoo! is adding a “click filter” report soon so we can see how many clicks we aren’t getting charged for due to suspected fraud.

Make Your (Mother’s) Day – Take advantage of the Holiday trends when you can. Check out these 8 tips on improving profitability around Mother’s Day.


Dynamic Text in adCenter – You can add these dynamic variables to your destination urls to better understand adCenter paid search traffic in Analytics packages. “Must read!”

Focus on Non-Brand Terms to Boost Performance & Revenue – Find out a little bit about the Purchase Funnel, Keyword Expansion, Account Structure and Targeting.

Favorite posts from the people/bloggers/companies we admire (alphabetical) -

(EMP) E-Marketing Performance

Aren’t Dogpiles Supposed to Stink? – Did you know that your ads are probably being displayed in the regular search results from “Must read!”

Conversation Marketing

Internet Marketing Training Course, Lesson 1 – Feedback please – Check out this content while it’s free and give Ian some feedback please. :)

In Marketing, There Are No Guarantees – The best way to comment on this post is to simply quote the author: “A internet marketer can no more guarantee the results of a campaign than predict the weather.” “Must Read!”

Avoid Featuritis: Selecting the Right E-Commerce Package – Manage the customer experience from the beginning by choosing the right cart package.


Copywriting Maven’s Creative Plan Marketing Makeover #1 – “Must read!”

Future Now’s GrokDotCom

Net Gain: Latinos Are Going Online More Than Ever – This is a very well written, relatively in-depth post about the Latino market on the web.

How Virgin America’s Banner Ads Work, Even on Facebook! – Virgin is a fantastic example of how to improve and increase results from banner ads. “Must read!”

Big Impact, Small Changes on Amazon

Jennifer Slegg

Increase pay per click conversions & ROI by including a price in your ad

Using geolocation targeted keywords in PPC ads for consumer confidence

Own Page One – Pure Visibility Blog

How to Get a Big Pile of Cash – Excellent summary of how to jump start your profitability on the web through pay per click ads and analytics.

PPC Blog

Google Changing Trademark Policy In The UK – The change will simply reflect the US policy…UK advertisers can start advertising on trademarked terms but will not be able to include those terms in the actual advertisement.

PPC Discussions

Dear AdWords, Please Change These 2 Things – 1. Display the Quality Score column by default; 2. Don’t automatically enable the content network when we start new campaigns. “Must Read!” Jeremy outlines some excellent thoughts behind these two requests.

PPC Hero

The Secret of Tracking Yahoo! Keyword Data in Google Analytics – This post is very easy to follow and should hopefully take less than 15 minutes to implement. “Must read!”

Want Your Business to Be Around in 450 Million Years? Manage Your PPC Campaign Like a Shark – I love the analogy.  ‘Predatory ppc management‘ has a nice ring to it. ;)

The Invesp Blog

New white paper: The state of online marketing and advertising

the PPC Book

Murphy’s Law of campaign management – This post made me lol. :) “Must read!”

The Search Insider

The “Brand” Effect – Outlines the idea that search marketing is making headway for a branding model on top of the relatively lucrative direct response model.

Pay Per Call – The ‘Other’ PPC – We have been doing pay per call tests for quite some time now…and the volume isn’t as high as we would like and the impact hasn’t been noticeable yet. There are still several things we can and need to do to prove/disprove that statement as a fact instead of a mere observation.

User Effect

Expectations & Usability: Introduction – “Must read!” This is a fantastic post by Dr. Pete. Quote from the post: “…expectations are the unconscious predictions we humans constantly make…

Social Media/News Feeds That Posted Stuff Related to PPC -

Search Engine Land

Will You Be Sued Over Your Ad Copy Usage?

Search Engine Roundtable

Is it Better to Be Ranked #10 or #11? – This question is universal in terms of PPC or Organic results. I suppose everybody will have different results so this is more of a relative question.

Is an SEM Ranking System a Bad Idea?


Content Ad Campaign Keyword Strategy Revisited

A Look at Demographic Bidding for AdWords

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