Are You A PPC Data Junkie?

By jameszol
Published on November 28, 2007

True or False.

___ 1. I have to check my pay per click vitals every 15 minutes or less.

___ 2. I spend less than 30 seconds a day reviewing my conversion costs.

___ 3. I drool on my keyboard when my daily results are better than expected.

___ 4. I cry when I am driving home from work because I miss looking at numbers.

___ 5. When I get home I can wait until the next morning to open my laptop and check my stats.

___ 6. I tell my spouse “I need to go to the bathroom” just so I can check my nightly stats.

___ 7. I have to read every report that even mentions pay per click just to make sure I don’t miss any data.

___ 8. I wake up in the morning and look at my data BEFORE brushing my teeth.

___ 9. I sleep with my laptop under my pillow.

___ 10. My laptop is my pillow.

___ 11. I talk and refer to AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and adCenter like they’re real people.

___ 12. I only run one report with critical data every day.

___ 13. I review Analytics every hour or less.

___ 14. While I am waiting for my next data check I think of ways to look at the data differently.

___ 15. Lunch consists of opening Analytics and all ad platforms, take a bite, refresh all tabs, take a bite, refresh all tabs, take another bite and refresh tabs at the same time…etc.

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