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Website Measurement and Analytics

semvironment offers expert knowledge for both Google Analytics and AWStats (recommended). We are implementation specialists for both platforms, and will work with any other analytics package that we need in order to empower our clients with information.

One of the biggest competitive advantages you can have as a company with a website is your analytics package and the person administering it.

Analytics can track paths, conversions, page views, referrers, and so much more. There are two sides to successfully using analytics: Implementation and Actionable Recommendations.


While most of your competitors (including you) have probably installed Google Analytics, the competitive edge is practically defeated if everybody is using it. Chances are, only a handful of your competitors are relying on the intelligence provided by Google Analytics - hopefully you are among them. What really makes a company stand apart from the crowd is how many analytics packages they are using and how well it is implemented. Are you using heatmaps? Is your data real time? How many goals can you track? Are you using goals? Are you measuring more than page views, visits, uniques, etc? Are you using Analytics to quantify and qualify your paid advertising efforts?

Implementing Analytics properly is not as easy as copying and pasting javascript to your page. Implmentation includes ensuring that every part of your site is properly tagged, your campaigns are properly tagged, and that your reports are properly set up and semi-automated so you can pull the data you need from Analytics without having to dig too far.

Actionable Recommendations

Who is behind your Analytics? Are they a certified individual? Do they have years of experience in studying website patterns, reports, and more?

Reports don’t make recommendations, people do. :) Some reports are easier to read than others, some connections between the data are more obvious than others, but a professional will be able to present the most compelling case to take action in one area or another with accurate reports due to a high quality, all encompassing implementation.

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