An Inside Look at Myspace’s New PPC Program

By shanesnow
Published on July 18, 2008

Last week we wrote about the new PPC platform that Myspace came out with, called “Find Your Fans.” This program allows music artists to place banner ads (either their own or from Myspace-provided templates) on the profiles and pages where their defined target audience are likely to be browsing. Advertising musicians pay $0.25 per click.

“Find Your Fans” requires a review and approval from Myspace, so we had one of our team apply for the program with his band’s profile. After Myspace finally approved the band, we went in and took some screen shots:

Log in at and click “get started.” You’ll be brought to this page.

You are prompted to either upload a banner ad or build an ad using one of Myspace’s templates. Banner ads must be 728 x 90 pixels in size.

When you click on either option, a legal agreement box pops up:

Next, you get to choose from a variety of fairly hideous banner templates:

And then you input your band name, picture, etc. (or upload your own banner). At this point you’re taken to the target audience definition page. You can specify the gender, age range, country/state/region, interest categories, and genres that define your target:

Next you put in your budget. As mentioned, all clicks cost $0.25 regardless of anything.

Next, you review your banner and campaign details. Here’s the banner we made (shrunk down a little):

Then Myspace asks you for your credit card number, which we will not give you a screen shot of… :)

Here is what the dashboard looks like:

There is an alerts section, a report graphing account performance, and then campaign summary details at the bottom.

The campaign page is pretty simple, and you basically edit your settings in the same way as you edit your myspace profile details. Click the “edit” button next to what you want to edit, some input boxes come up, etc. You have to actually pause your campaign in order to edit anything in it.

So that’s an inside look at Myspace’s new PPC program, “Find Your Fans!”

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