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AdWords Website Optimizer Enhances Features

By shanesnow
Published on September 3, 2008

Google recently implemented several useful updates to its AdWords Website Optimizer, making it possible to refine tests, validate previously inaccessible pages, and draw more accurate conclusions from data.

Website Optimizer is a free content testing tool which allows Google AdWords users to test different variations of their websites in order to maximize their return on investment and improve user experience for their visitors.

The three main items updated are Experiment Pruning, A/B Offline Validation, and more intuitive reporting.

Experiment Pruning allows advertisers to disable selected combinations from taking part in the website optimizer experimentation process. This proves useful to advertisers in allowing them to disable poorly performing or illogical experiment combinations.

A/B Offline Validation allows advertisers to upload pages to be validated so Website Optimizer can check if they are tagged properly. Previously, pages in sections of the site where Website Optimizer can’t go simply couldn’t be validated. The new feature offers a solution to this dilemma.

Finally, the reporting features for Website Optimizer have been made more intuitive, allowing less room for data interpretation error or false conclusions on the part of advertisers reviewing data.

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