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AdWords Adds New Placement Features

By shanesnow
Published on July 17, 2008

If you log into your Google AdWords account you should be getting the following message as of a few minutes ago:

If you log into your AdWords account, click on a campaign, and then click on an adgroup, you’ll see the following new feature:

Until recently, this “Placements” tab did not exist. Placement targeting, formerly known as site targeting, now allows CPC bidding. Google’s Inside Adwords blog explains this new feature:

“We’ve combined keyword-targeted and placement-targeted campaigns into a single online campaign type. Starting today, you can target keywords and placements together in the same ad group. By doing so, you combine the benefits of contextual targeting with placement targeting: use keywords to show your ads only on contextually relevant pages, then use placements to set specific bids for, or restrict your targeting to, sites you value differently from the rest of the content network.”

So now advertisers no longer have to separate placement and keyword targeted ad groups.

Just click on the “Placements” tab on your ad group screen, and you can learn specifically how placements work and if you’re running them currently in your account:

To activate the content network in your campaign (this enables placement targeting), click on “campaign settings” under “campaign summary” and then scroll down to this part (which is also new):

Check “The content network” and you’re ready to go! While placement targeted campaigns can now be switched between CPC and CPM, be aware that keyword targeted campaigns are still CPC only.

We do have one question (and our Google Rep is currently looking into this for us): Is the new placement targeting compatible with the conversion optimizer? This is not yet confirmed, so if you are using the conversion optimizer, we recommend waiting to make the switch until it is.

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