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semvironment PPC Management Team

James C. Zolman, Principal Consultant + Sales/Marketing Director

James has over 8 years of business management and ownership experience. He started and developed over three successful businesses within the past six years using the internet as a major tool for increasing revenue and decreasing advertising costs. James’ passion is business. His wife, Megan, will tell you that James’ priority list looks like this: Family, Business, Everything Else. Surprisingly, business is what James would consider his ‘hobby’ while he is a big fan of collegiate football and basketball.

James loves to participate in the community and is always looking for opportunities to serve the city he lives in. Current and past projects include helping the city plant over 200 trees on a walk path and landscaping a local elementary school.

Megan Zolman, Director of Finance + Business Growth

Megan has over 8 years of accounting and finance experience managing her family’s multi-million dollar farming operation. She knows how to manage and execute a budget precisely and effectively.

Megan’s passion is her family and Idaho. She was born and raised in the community that she and James live in now. Growing up on a farm taught Megan to have a very strong work ethic and to expect the same from others. Excellence runs in her veins because her family farm is meticulously managed to be efficient and very profitable.

Megan loves to participate in community activities alongside James.

Shane Snow, Copywriter + Creative Director

Shane Snow received a bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing from Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Prior to joining semvironment, Shane was a Small Business Web Marketing intern at ICSERV Inc, a national web design firm. He also interned as a graphic designer at PolicyTech, an international software company. After his various internship experiences, Shane opened up his own website design firm in collaboration with Gregory Hess. The firm, Brave Media LLC, has designed and developed informational and e-commerce websites for more than 25 businesses nationwide in the past year.

At the same time, Shane has been a columnist for Scroll Newspaper in Rexburg, Idaho, for the past two years.

Shane is excited to bring his varied experience in graphic design, website development, search engine marketing, and copy writing to semvironment as we launch our new E-commerce business unit.

On a personal note, Shane enjoys playing bass guitar in a band, is a master of Doctor Mario for the Nintendo 64, and is in denial that he’s probably too old to keep skateboarding.

Shane is newly married to the lead singer of his band - Kristen.

Tobias D Pimentel, Director of Research and Intelligence

Coming over to the company from a management position at Verizon Wireless, Tobias is thrilled to be joining the semvironment team in June 2008. With several years in customer acquisition and sales, Tobias will add another level of service to semvironment.

Currently, Tobias is a senior level student at BYU-Idaho, and will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing this year. BYU-Idaho’s business program currently makes use of Harvard’s MBA case study library, and Tobias has participated in over 25 Harvard cases in marketing management, giving him a skill set and experience that will add significant value to semvironment’s marketing efforts.

Search Engine Marketing has recently become a passion for Tobias, and he’s planning on furthering his knowledge of SEM on the side as he works with our paid search clients.

Tobias enjoys sports and fishing, and one of his new challenges is to teach his lovely wife, Cosy, to fish. While Cosy is not yet a fishing enthusiast, Tobias says, “It may take a few years for that to happen, but I wont give up.”


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